It all began with a party!

We were tired of the usual white wine and rosé that everyone brings to parties, and wanted something different. But the sugar-loaded, artificial mixers widely available were not a good choice either. So, we gathered fresh citrus and herbs from the garden, made our own, and brought them to a party to make cocktails with.

The result: lots of unopened wine bottles and a room full of smiling people, talking about how much they loved our drinks!

We founded our handcrafted syrups company the next day. Our goal… to create a truly-natural, low-sugar, amazing-tasting small batch product. One that makes drink making creative and effortless whilst delivering a taste that is subtle, fresh and unexpected.

Moira Gilbert

Moira grew up in England and with a business degree,
moved to Los Angeles where she set up
an international fashion consultancy.

Laura Menz

Born in Germany, Laura got her degree in fine arts
and graphic design. She moved to Malibu, CA
to live on the beach and work on sculpture,
photography and fine jewelry design.