Botanical Infused Syrup

Handcrafted from citrus, herbs, spices and flowers

All Natural Ingredients

for Cocktails and Sodas...

Great for Gifts!

Inspired by California citrus, flavors from around the world and a desire for healthier, natural drink syrups, we use whole fresh fruit and real herbs and spices to create our aromatic elixirs. Perfect for craft cocktails and botanical sodas.

Our citrus based botanical syrups are all you need to make easy, delectable cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. The handmade herb, spice and flower blends pair perfectly with water or your spirit of choice. Each has a uniquely wonderful fragrance and an amazingly complex flavor profile that’s sweet, sour and bitter all at once. An 8oz bottle has 16 servings with only 6g of cane sugar making Muddle & Wilde a healthy, low sugar option. Shelf stable, once opened Muddle and Wilde should be refrigerated and we suggest used within 4 months.

How do I make a cocktail?

Check out our 1-2-3 visual guide to
make a Muddle & Wilde craft cocktail.

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How do I make a soda?

Check out our 1-2-3 visual guide to 
make a Muddle & Wilde botanical soda.

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The difference is in the taste and there’s no substitute for the real thing…. something we take to heart when making our Muddle & Wilde syrups. Using only the finest ingredients, we carefully pair citrus with just the right botanicals giving you a perfect balance of sweet, sour and bitters.

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